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Monday, May 7, 2012

I'll Have Another

Kentucky Derby Party 
at Mom & Dad's on Saturday

Mint for the Mint Julips
(I discovered that I like them diluted with some Ginger Ale :-)

As you can see, they were a hit! 
(no one drank the iced tea)
$5.00 to draw a Horse's Name for a chance to win the pot of money

Mom was the winner and she was clearly excited!

Cash decided to nap, despite the festivities going on around him :-)

Dad's step-brother, Jim, was in town from Philadelphia.

Jim and Clell:

If there had been a contest for "Best Hat" Cathy would have won!
Cathy and Neal Cannon:

Sunday, I attended an afternoon "TEA" at the Grace Lutheran Church:

Diana, looking stunning, as always......
More Pretty Ladies: Linsey, Belinda and Julianna:
(I love the flower in Julianna's hair )
Linsey and Tara:
......and Baby Hudson 
(I must have said something wrong! I'm sorry Hudson! LOL)

Me and Beck Mac, our FABULOUS hostess:

Thank you Becky for hosting a great afternoon TEA!

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