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Monday, September 17, 2012


  The basic principal in a "Manifesto" is that what we focus on tends to expand itself.....

Isn't it funny how no matter what happens in our lives, things still manage to go on? And as they should! Here is a recap of what has been going on since I last posted on May 9, 2012.
Mom and I tagged along with the Hardin-Simmons University Choir as they toured Austria, Germany, and Italy. The choir returned home after a week and then Clell, Mom and I hopped on over to Mallorca, Spain and spent an extra week by the Mediterranean Sea. Here are some pictures of the trip:


This picture is taken outside of St. Mark's Cathedral in Venice, Italy after their performance.

They had to wear their tuxes and gowns on the boat to Venice because there was no where to change:

Germany & Austria:


Many people were surprised that we took Mom with us on this vacation.
There were some challenges, but overall she did great. 

( just ask HER, she will tell you! )


Life is still going on and there are STILL good times to be had and memories to be made.

(thank you Nikki and Katherine for helping me with this!)

Thus far, this year has had some other challenges as well. We have had some intruders on our property and some random thefts. The worst part is that they attempted to break into our house while we were sleeping.


They busted out my car window:

Thanks to Clell's brother, Larry, we now have a nice security system (with cameras).

We have finished remodeling the house. THANK. GOODNESS. And are pleased with the choices we made.

New puppy, Oliver, is now 4 months old. He makes me smile and laugh every day.

(sorry so blurry)

We went to Dallas for Jackson's First B-Day Party:

Colton is growing and talking (he has been saying Grandpa for a long time. He FINALLY said "AA")

Nephews. McCall and Cash, are also growing up so fast. McCall was my little buddy this summer and he even now has his own Pinterest account so he can look at animals and the ocean and birds (his fave).

 Other random occurrences:

Awesome trip to visit the Alabama family. 
( I LOVE Birmingham and the family that lives there)
Laura is back in Columbia, Missouri for school.
We survived another Texas summer. (ugh)
Dad is on Facebook (gasp).
I have been asked to be a Deacon at our church. 
We had a friend of Clell's visit us from Dublin, Ireland.
I am now working part-time (still for Hospice)

Whew!!! anyone else as exhausted as I am? 

I think Clell is.....

I am looking forward to staying home for the rest of the year and can't wait for the 2012 Holiday Season.

HUGS to all of you who have been there for Clell and I during difficult times..

You know who you are...


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